Chesterfield Cricket Lovers' Society

Photos courtesy of Paul Hand


Our last meeting before the Christmas break saw a capacity audience attend the Technique stadium to hear a talk on ‘The Illustrated History of Derbyshire County Cricket Club’ by David Griffin, who has served Derbyshire County Cricket Club in a number of roles over many years. He is probably best known for his work as the Club’s Heritage Project Officer where he obtained over £100,000 of Heritage Lottery funding for the ‘Proud to be Derbyshire’ project.

David provided a comprehensive history of DCCC laced with photographs, statistics and good humour. He has the ability to draw out the personal qualities of past players which members found fascinating and it displayed his vast knowledge of his subject. Detailed statistics were recalled about all the players illustrated but these were not once anything approaching boring. He constantly put performances in perspective for the times and there were many comparisons with later players for the county. He was particularly interesting on the home lives of past cricketers and officials.

This was a dynamic presentation by David - his knowledge of, and passion for DCCC shone through a thoroughly enjoyable presentation laced with good humour, gravity and sincerity.

Everyone was staggered by his knowledge of all things Derbyshire. A wonderful way to go into the Christmas period, the evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all.